Lory bakhtiary 16078


central persia

271 X 152 cm (Approximately 106.7 X 59.8 inch); Knots: 4 x 4 = 16 knots per sq cm. from sh.sameyeh Oriental carpet catalogue page No.73

2 nd quarter of 20th century

Antique Persian Lori Rugs – Persian Antique Lori rugs and carpets (which are also spelled as Luri) represent a unique and important development in the antique rug world. The Lori rugs were generally woven in or around the Zagros Mountains area of western Persia (which is the modern day country of Iran), by the by the Lurs. These Persian carpets are representative of the beautiful and tribal art of Persian carpet weaving.

The Persian Lori carpets tend to depict geometric design repertories such as animal motifs and geometric figures. Persian Lori rugs tend to depend on rich combinations of colors – above all reds, blues, greens, and yellows. These vibrant hues and shades of beautiful rich and jewel tone colors contribute to the excitement that these unique tribal compositions provide. These weaving largely consist of bags and wrappings – but Lori weavers made fairly large carpets and scatter size rugs as well.All natural dyes are paramount for the carpet to have more than just decorative value. Beyond that, various dyers had varying levels of skill and invested different lengths of time in dyeing the yarns.  The “quality of color”–its radiance and level of nuance within each color–is centrally important.  Certain rare colors such as Tyrian purple, saffron yellow, cochineal rose and greens add to the carpet’s value

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