Shirwan 16304




230 X 120 CM

last quarter 19th century

This represent a well known type of shirwan carpet composition which has rows of stepped -edged and conjoined hexagonal motifs in single vertical row , with a flattened, saw -edged medallion at either end of the row, the latter motif has been related by some authors to ancient – Egytian and Persian Royal insignia.
Shirvan rugs – The historic Khanate or administrative district of Shirvan produced many highly decorative antique rugs that have a formality and stylistic complexity that is found in few rugs from the Caucasus.
The depth of colors, the complexity of the composition and the phenomenal patterns featured in antique Shirvan rugs set them apart from those produced in other regions of the Caucasus.
The format is generally long and narrow, which would have been preferred by consumers in the Caucasus. This format lends itself well to multi-medallion compositions.

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